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adhesive spray gun

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Specification: Standard Diameter Nozzle: 1.3mm Nozzle Size: 1.4--2.0mm Rated Air Pressure: 3.0Bar/45Psi Max.Pattern Width of Fan Shaped: 240mm Capacity of Paint Container: 500ml ...   2015-08-12
SATIS CO., LIMITED Verified Supplier  Supplier capability assessment
HVLP Replica Sata AB-17G Spray Gun Gravity Feed Fed HVLP Standard Diameter Nozzle:1.4mm Diameter Nozzle:1.3-2.0mm Rated Air Pressure:3.0Bar/43Psi Max.Pattern Width of Fan Shaped...   2014-06-24
Ningbo MeiZe Trading Co.,Ltd
Item Spot Cleaning Gun Applications Our heavy duty spot cleaning gun is an extremely powerful and durable unit built to withstand the heavy industrial needs of the screen printing ...   2015-08-19
Shanghai Shuoxing Screen Printing Equipment Co., Ltd
Name:Manual Spray Gun for Small Object Furniture Coating Metal Coating gravity type (W-101-G Feature 1.It is light and easy to use. 2.Due to the changes of the air cap angle, the ...   2015-05-11
Cnseiko Hong Kong Industry Limited
Die Cast HVLP Gravity Feed Mini Spray Gun with Nozzle and Cup for Automotive Clear Coating Description: Spray gun is mainly used for automotive clear coating, touch up, large ...   2013-05-24
Ningbo Haishu Hikosky Trade Co., Ltd
Spray Guns Air Adhesive Guns G-01   2010-12-30
Taizhou Luxi Tools Co.,Ltd.
Features The mini spiral spray gun features a gas-on and gas-off mode, fast response and is reliable. It produces a full and even spray on the surface in a spiral pattern. The glue ...   2011-08-10
NDC Spray Coating System Fabricating Co., Ltd.
This professional grade gelcoat spray gun is a must for every fiberglass, composite and cultured marble shop. This gel coat spray gun is used for spraying not only gel coat and ...   2011-09-01
Bottom Paint Store Co.,Ltd
Mainfeatures: 1) can make continuous dot or strip adhesivespraying ,quick response, sensitive ,more than2000 times each minute 2) can make precisely fine-adjustment in gluevolume, ...   2011-04-11
QuanZhou HaoGe Machinery Co.Ltd
Function or Trait Air intake, spray pattern width, coating output could be adjusted and the operation could be controlled by remote and independent way so as to reduce trouble in ...   2012-05-29
Taiwan Prona Industries Co. Ltd.
Adhesive sprayer Model: GH01 Feature: Save adhesive, cost-effective, save labor, Reliably Sealing Keywords: Adhesive sprayer, spray gun, spray adhesive gun, glue gun, spray glue ...   2014-05-20
Linyi Green Health Chemical Co, Ltd
HVLP GEAVITY SPRAY GUN With high volume low pressure design can improve the transfer efficiency,to bounces less paint into the air. It can reduce the paints’usage amount. With ...   2010-11-18
L.V.L.P spray gun Model: L-927 Categories: Spray Gun L.V.L.P Spray Gun Description: L.V.L.P Series Spray Gun is the newest one researched and developed by our researching team with ...   2010-12-30
Zhejiang Auarita Pneumatic Tools L.L.C
Model: W-400 Operation Instruction W-400-1G-1.4mm is mainly used for spray painting surface finishes on products such as furniture, car, home electric appliances and machinery. W...   2010-12-19
Ningbo Flourish Tools CO.,LTD
distance:200mm. Paint viscosity: 20sec./RV-2. Fluid intake,Air intake and CYL intake: 1/4PF. Function and Characteristic: 1. Air intake, spray amplitude range, coating output could ...   2008-05-16
Prona Industries Co.,Ltd
distance:200mm. Paint viscosity: 20sec./RV-2. Fluid intake,Air intake and CYL intake: 1/4PF. Function and Characteristic: 1. Air intake, spray amplitude range, coating output could ...   2012-09-17
Prona Industries Co.,Ltd
Feature and Advantage: High-voltage Module being placed inside spray gun housing retains low electrostatic loss, high powder coating rate. Non-polar plastic gun housing is low ...   2011-07-27
Shanghai Music Painting Equipment Co., Ltd
39537 WELD-BOND ADHESIVE is a non-sag, two component methacrylate adhesive system formulated to bond metal surfaces without the use of an external primer. 39537 provides long ...   2012-04-09
paulfrancispaint co.,ltd

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