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Amperometric Glucose Biosensor

Features Methodology: Amperometric Glucose Biosensor Blood Volume/Sample Size: 0.7 l Test Time: 7 Seconds Strip Ejection Function: Yes, helps prevent cross-contamination Alternativ...2011-02-18
Specialty Medical Supplies
  • Quality Amperometric Glucose Biosensor for sale
Biosensors International - USA Critical Care Biosensors Closed Blood Draw and Dedicated Closed Flush System: Maintains a needle free and closed line environment for blood draw and ...2013-04-24
  • Quality Biosensors International - USA for sale
Biosensors in Medical Diagnostics - International Market Trends Price: USD $2,995.00 ISBN/SKU #: BMR-1107 Research Group: BizAcumen Date of Publication: November 2009 Select ...2011-01-20
Contact Electronics.ca Publications
  • Quality Medical Equipment and Supplies Biosensors in Medical Diagnostics - International Market Trends for sale
Key Specifications/Special Features: 300-test memory storage Results in only 5 seconds Only 0.5ul blood sample required Auto-coding biosensor technology 4 reminder alarms High and ...2013-01-16
Asia Connection Co. Ltd
  • Quality Blood Glucose Monitoring System with Auto-Coding Biosensor Technology for sale
Dry Etching System for R&D NLD-570 Dry Etching System for Opto-Devices, MEMS NLD-5700 Si Deep EtchingSystem NLD-5700Si NE-550/CE-300IHigh-Density Plasma Etching System for R&D Dry ...2010-12-30
  • Quality Biosensor for sale
Snore stopper Model; YK-Z168 Introduction Snoring Stopper Products is a revolutionary device designed to reduce snoring through a new nerve stimulation process. It features a ...2013-07-13
Shenzhen Yeekon Life Electronic Technology Co.,ltd
  • Quality High Tech Anti Snoring Wrist Worn Watch For Sleep Well for sale
Model specifications : Carboxyl Magnetic Tiny-ball Characteristic Average particle size: 80nm; Concentration: 5 ~ 20mg/ml; Surface carboxyl volume0.25 mmol / g; Dispersed phase: ...2011-05-11
Shanghai Ehoo Biotechnology co.LTD.
  • Quality Carboxyl Magnetic Tiny-ball for sale
Product Description Product features: Microprocessor based of electrochemical biosensor instrument for accurate & precise blood glucose measuring without pain. The smallest size ...2011-05-19
Kai Sheng(Zhaoqing) Electronics Products Factory
  • Quality Full-automatic blood glucose meter for sale
Description AllMag Superparamagnetic Silica Nanoparticles(-COOH)have high magnetite content, with monodispersed and micro size. These nanoparticles are modified to provide carboxyl ...2012-05-29
Shanghai Allrun Nano Science & Technology Co., Ltd
  • Quality Silica Magnetic Beads(-COOH) for sale
Product Name: Siemens Invasive Blood Pressure trunk cable ID: RIK037-025 Model of Medical Equipments: Siemens (Darger) *SC6002XL,SC7000,SC8000,SC9000XL Characteristic & Specificati...2012-04-09
Beijing Rongrui - Century Scie . & Tech.Co ., Ltd
  • Quality DIN 7lds Lead wire(SNAP)[REL7003AO] for sale
Specifications: - Sample: Fresh capillary whole blood - Sample volume: Minimum 1.5 UL - Assay method: Glucose oxidase biosensor - Unit of measure: Mmol/L (mg/dl optional) - Strip: ...2013-04-15
Wenzhou Jida Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Quality Diabetic Blood Glucose Meter for sale
Description Features - * 180 Memories * Small Blood Sample 2.5 uL * Measurement Range 30 - 750 mg/dL (1.7 - 41.37 mmol/L) * Biosensor Test Strips * Powered by CR2032, 3V Lithium ...2010-12-30
  • Quality Blood Glucose Monitoring Blood Glucose Monitoring for sale
Reaction ion etching is one important process in IC fabrication, which is a kind of dry etching that is mainly used for etching polycrystalline silicon, silicone oxide and silicone ...2011-01-26
The 48th Research Institute Company
  • Quality Reaction Ion Etching(RIE)Machine for sale
Blood Glucose Monitoring System: Meter Item 1080-8808 Assay Method Electrochemical biosensor technology For home use only capillary whole blood for adults For professionals ...2011-01-27
Art Origin Stone Co.,Ltd.
  • Quality Blood Glucose Meter for sale
Optium Xceed Glucometer Our optium exceed glucometer is a diabetes meter which helps in measuring blood glucose and blood ketone. Some of the essential features of our glucometer, ...2011-02-15
Manthan, Inc
  • Quality Optium Xceed Glucometer for sale
Blood Glucose Monitoring System, Glucometer, Glucose Strips ,Sugar Meter,Glucose Monitor,Glucose Meter For home and hospital use Professional glucometer manufacturer Item No: BG-H ...2011-02-24
Shanghai ASM Elevator Co.,Ltd
  • Quality Blood Glucose Monitoring System for sale
Graphitized MWCNTs (>50nm, 99.9%) Graphitized Multi Wall Carbon Nanotubes Purity:>99.9% OD:>50nm [OD=Outer Diameter] ID:5-15nm[ID=Inner Diameter] Length:10-30um SSA:>20 m2/g[SSA...2011-03-03
Feibo(ShangHai) Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Quality Graphitized MWCNTs, >50nm, 99.9% for sale
Advance Biosensor Test Strips. Certified by IVDD (EU). Sample Volume: 0.015cc Test range: 30 ~ 550 mg/dL (1.7 ~ 30.56 mmol/L) Hct : 30%-55%2011-03-09
  • Quality GlucoSure AutoCode for sale
AMT offers innovative solutions for imparting conductive properties to insulative materials such as PTFE, glass and ceramics. Applications AMT's conductive coatings are ideal for ...2011-05-30
AMT Applied Membrane Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Quality Change Conductivity for sale
Blood Glucose Monitoring System HL588 FEATURES Advanced, accurate biosensor technology with 5 seconds test time Tiny capillary whole blood 120 test memory with date and time Last 7...2011-07-04
  • Quality Blood Glucose Monitoring -HL588 Blood Glucose Monitoring System HL588 for sale

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