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Amperometric Glucose Biosensor

Features Methodology: Amperometric Glucose Biosensor Blood Volume/Sample Size: 0.7 l Test Time: 7 Seconds Strip Ejection Function: Yes, helps prevent cross-contamination Alternativ...2011-02-18
Specialty Medical Supplies
  • Quality Amperometric Glucose Biosensor for sale
Biosensors International - USA Critical Care Biosensors Closed Blood Draw and Dedicated Closed Flush System: Maintains a needle free and closed line environment for blood draw and ...2013-04-24
  • Quality Biosensors International - USA for sale
Biosensors in Medical Diagnostics - International Market Trends Price: USD $2,995.00 ISBN/SKU #: BMR-1107 Research Group: BizAcumen Date of Publication: November 2009 Select ...2011-01-20
Contact Electronics.ca Publications
  • Quality Medical Equipment and Supplies Biosensors in Medical Diagnostics - International Market Trends for sale
Key Specifications/Special Features: 300-test memory storage Results in only 5 seconds Only 0.5ul blood sample required Auto-coding biosensor technology 4 reminder alarms High and ...2013-01-16
Asia Connection Co. Ltd
  • Quality Blood Glucose Monitoring System with Auto-Coding Biosensor Technology for sale
  • Taiwan
Dry Etching System for R&D NLD-570 Dry Etching System for Opto-Devices, MEMS NLD-5700 Si Deep EtchingSystem NLD-5700Si NE-550/CE-300IHigh-Density Plasma Etching System for R&D Dry ...2010-12-30
  • Quality Biosensor for sale
Biosensor technology delivers outstanding performance at an affordableprice. Results in only 10 seconds. Easy, two-step operation. Approvedfor alternate site forearm or fingertip ...2014-10-14
loyal billion Health Care trade co.ltd
  • Quality Invacare TRUEread  Blood Glucose Monitor for sale
  • Fujian
product name: Dichloro-[2,2]-paracyclophane Molecular formula: C16H14Cl2 molecular mass: 277.19 CAS code: 28804-46-8 purity: no less than 99% Appearane: white crystal powder ...2014-10-18
Tangli industrial & Trading Co., Limited
  • Quality Dichloro-[2,2]-paracyclophane for sale
  • Fujian
Snore stopper Model; YK-Z168 Introduction Snoring Stopper Products is a revolutionary device designed to reduce snoring through a new nerve stimulation process. It features a ...2013-07-13
Shenzhen Yeekon Life Electronic Technology Co.,ltd
  • Quality High Tech Anti Snoring Wrist Worn Watch For Sleep Well for sale
  • Guangdong
Product Description MS Nylon membrane filter is a supported, naturally hydrophilic membrane designed to wet out evenly and retain its superior strength during use in general ...2014-04-29
alllabsupplies Company
  • Quality Nylon Membrane Filter for sale
Specifications: - Sample: Fresh capillary whole blood - Sample volume: Minimum 1.5 UL - Assay method: Glucose oxidase biosensor - Unit of measure: Mmol/L (mg/dl optional) - Strip: ...2013-04-15
Wenzhou Jida Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Quality Diabetic Blood Glucose Meter for sale
  • Zhejiang
Product Description: Chromlab Nylon membrane is internally supported with an inert, internal polyester support web giving it added dimensional strength and stability that prevents ...2014-05-09
  • Quality All Syringe Filters for sale
Aisimo cellulose acetate membranes combine high flow rates and thermal stability with very low adsorption characteristics and are therefore excellently suited for use in pressure ...2014-06-03
  • Quality Cellulose acetate (CA) membrane filter for sale
Bai Sheng Machinery Technology (Shaoxing) Co.,Ltd.is a Hong Kong-owned enterprises,the headquarters of Biosensors International(hongkong) Limited (Transnational large enterprise), ...2014-06-16
Biosuper Health Medicine Tech. Co., LTD
  • Quality high speed centrifuge for sale
Model specifications : Carboxyl Magnetic Tiny-ball Characteristic Average particle size: 80nm; Concentration: 5 ~ 20mg/ml; Surface carboxyl volume0.25 mmol / g; Dispersed phase: ...2011-05-11
Shanghai Ehoo Biotechnology co.LTD.
  • Quality Carboxyl Magnetic Tiny-ball for sale
  • Shanghai
Product Description Product features: Microprocessor based of electrochemical biosensor instrument for accurate & precise blood glucose measuring without pain. The smallest size ...2011-05-19
Kai Sheng(Zhaoqing) Electronics Products Factory
  • Quality Full-automatic blood glucose meter for sale
  • Guangdong
Description AllMag Superparamagnetic Silica Nanoparticles(-COOH)have high magnetite content, with monodispersed and micro size. These nanoparticles are modified to provide carboxyl ...2012-05-29
Shanghai Allrun Nano Science & Technology Co., Ltd
  • Quality Silica Magnetic Beads(-COOH) for sale
Product Name: Siemens Invasive Blood Pressure trunk cable ID: RIK037-025 Model of Medical Equipments: Siemens (Darger) *SC6002XL,SC7000,SC8000,SC9000XL Characteristic & Specificati...2012-04-09
Beijing Rongrui - Century Scie . & Tech.Co ., Ltd
  • Quality DIN 7lds Lead wire(SNAP)[REL7003AO] for sale
  • Beijing
Commodity:Anti-snoring Device Item No.: RC-6002 Features 1, An effective solution to eliminating snores 2, Easy to operate and convenient for use at home or during travels; no ...2014-03-31
Shenzhen Relcare Electronics Co.,Ltd.
  • Quality RENHE Snore Stopper Item No.: RC-6002 for sale
Commodity: Electronic Oral Appliance Model: SD-C02-5 Specification 1. Original Manufacturer 2. Watch appearance 3. Electronic acupuncture 4. Automatic work 5. Improve sleep ...2014-05-06
Shenzhen City Shengda Technology Ltd.
  • Quality Sleep Massager for sale
  • Guangdong
high throughput kinetics More from this section More than genes and cells: drug discovery in the ECM. Winter 13 An automated approach to solving Pharma's cardiac toxicity conundrum...2014-05-08
Drug Discovery World ltd
  • Quality The need for high throughput kinetics early in the drug discovery process. Summer 11 for sale

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