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Email: sales3 at kaseeypharm.com Skype :Lee.Caseey Email: sales3 at kaseeypharm.com Skype :Lee.Caseey product Name ( )-pseudoephedrine Synonyms (1S,2S)-( )-Pseudoephedrine; ( )-psi...   2015-03-27
Contact by email: sales6#odea-pharma.com Skype: rose0610101 We can offer you the pseudoephedrine and many others .like the ephedrine, M11,MDDMPV,MXE, 5-apb,6-apb,25i nbome ,ah-7921...   2015-03-27
Shanghai ODEA Biotech Co.,Ltd
Top Research Chemicals Available Text: 3,236,389,326 . WE have available Top quality Research Chemicals, pills, Weed and many More Our ​​Prices are very Competitive and WE Ship ...   2015-03-11
Chinese Name: Pseudoephedrine Chinese alias: S- (R *, R *)] - a-1 [1- (methylamino) ethyl] - benzenemethanol hydrochloride. English Synonyms: Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride Tablets ...   2014-08-21
Suzhou Laiteou Trading Co., Ltd.
Molecular Formula : C10H16ClNO Molecular Weight : 201.69 CAS No. : 345-78-8 Chemical Name: 1. (1S,2S)-2-Methylamino-1-phenyl propan-1-ol, Hydrochloride 2. Benzenemethanol, a-[1-...   2014-07-04
Number: 3 Name: Ibuprofen and Pseudoephedrin Hydrochloride Spec: 10s*300、12s×300 Memo: Class: xy   2011-03-17
Therapeutic Segment Antihistaminic and Antiallergic Generic Name Fexofenadine HCl + Pseudoephedrine Indication A non-sedative antihistamine combined with a nasal decongestant for ...   2011-05-31
Getz Pharma (Private) Limited
Product Name: Compound Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride Day & Night Tablets Standard: Action: Specification: Package:   2011-03-25
Ningbo DHY Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride [suppliers]:QingHai YiXiTang Biological Technology Co.,Ltd [category]:drugs/chemical and inter mediates [period of validity]:more 1 year [produce ...   2010-12-30
Qinghai Lake Medicine Co.,Ltd
product Product Name Compound pseudoephedrine Product Specification Product Mode Main composition :325 milligrams of acetaminophen,30 milligrams of pseudoephedrine hydrochlorate 2 ...   2011-03-09
Chongqing Tonghe Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd
Sales3#odea-pharma.com Skype sara.brown0258 We can offer the pseudoephedrine and many others ephedrine, M11,MDDMPV,MXE, 5-apb,6-apb,25i nbome ,ah-7921,3MMC,4MEC,MAM2201,5FUR144...   2015-03-02
Shanghai ODEA Biotech Co.,Ltd
Contact by em ail: sales6#odea-pharma.com Skype: rose0610101 We can offer you the AM-2233 and many others.like the following: UR-144 5FUR-144 AKB-48 5FAKB-48 PV8 A-PVP LSD MDDMPV ...   2014-07-08
Hellmann's commodity
Pseudoephedrine,MDAI,4-MEC, Weight Loss Pills - Best Diet Pills That Work F Product Tags:Top grade medical marijuana Sour Diesel hash   2014-08-20
Global Pharm
4-Meo-PCP, Heroin, Astaxanthin, N-Ethyl-Ketamine Pseudoephedrine hcl, Methiopropamine, 2-Aminoindane, 5-EAPB, Nitracaine, NM2AI inquiries will be well welcomed and appreciated for ...   2014-12-08
detailed information of pseudoephedrine. E-MAIL:eleanore8603 (at) gmail.com Skype: eleanore8603 Jwh-018 Am-2201 EAM2201 AB-PINACA AB-FUBINACA 2CI 3MMC 4MEC 5fUR-144 5fpb-22 5-MeO...   2014-10-11
shanghai eleanore industry co.,ltd
Pseudoephedrine Product Name Pseudoephedrine sulfate Molecular Formula C20H32N2O6S Molecular Weight 428.5429 CAS Registry Number 7460-12-0 EINECS 231-243-2 Molecular Structure ...   2011-06-17
Ezhou Hengtong Weiye Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Pseudoephedrine Sulfate OTHER NAME 2(C10H15NO).H2SO4 Molecular Formula 2(C10H15NO).H2SO4 Specifications 7460-12-0 Standard USP27 Packaging 20kg/Drum Storage Preserve In Tight ,ligh...   2010-05-18
Shenzhen Oriental Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
ProducerName Specification CASNo. QualityCertification 1 d-PseudoephedrineHCl BP/EP/USP/Chp 345-78-8 USFDA approved DMF European COS/CEP Chinese GMP Certificate 2 l-EphedrineHCl BP...   2011-04-07
Chifeng Arker Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd
Sudorin Pseudoephedrine tablet Presentation Each tablet contains Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride BP 60 mg. Description Pseudoephedrine is a stereoisomer of Ephedrine with similar but ...   2011-05-31
Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd
pseudoephedrine pseudoephedrine pseudoephedrine purity:99% delivery time:within 1day send enquiry to sales5 at odea-pharma dot c om   2015-01-06
Shanghai ODEA Biotech Co.,Ltd

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